About Wienerschnitzel

wienerschnitzelFounded in 1961 with a single store in California, Wienerschnitzel has evolved into one of the leading hog dog chains, serving more than 120 million hot dogs in a year. Wienerschnitzel is a family-owned business and the owners want to keep it that way. Recently, they have also collaborated with some very exciting brands and events in the fashion, music, fashion, and sports industry.

Wienerschnitzel very unapologetically claims that they are by far one of the best in chili dogs and corn dogs. Their chili dogs come with or without cheese variants. Their Polish Sandwiches come with spicy Polish sausage, and topped with swiss cheese and mustard. They also offer few combo meals which come with your choice of hot dog, burger or corn dog with a drink and fries. Their mouth-watering chili which they so generously douse on their fries and burgers, is simply nothing short of ‘heavenly’. The icing on the cake is their selection of desserts, which they call ‘Tastee Freez’ – and is a collection of banana split, Mug root beer float, soft serve cones, shakes, freezes and sundaes.