About Walgreens

Founded at a distant 1901, by Charles Rudolph Walgreen that later grew to a shopping empire of over 8000 outlets and still counting, this is what a classical medical shop looked like.

From basic vitamins for everyday use to the more specialized drugs, it can all be found at this store.  Right from skin formulations to the more bizarre condiments, they can all be had here at Walgreens.  Even hair care products like shampoos and the more exclusive medicated shampoos are all to be had at this chain store that covers most of America.  From the ordinary coughs to the raspier chest pains, the best prescription drugs can all be found here at the Walgreens.  They also offer contact lenses, solutions and eye drops etc. Oral care products are also available here along with beauty and personal care products, feminine care items, Home tests and monitoring equipment, pregnancy and fertility aids.