Summer Too Hot For You? Make This $8 Air Conditioner!

air-conditioner-8-dollarSummer is here! And while the sun, sand, and good times are a great pleasure to have around for a few months, it can absolutely dreadful if the heat becomes too much. Especially if you find yourself without an air conditioner. Air conditioners can get costly though. So why not just create your own?

I bet you didn’t know that you could create your own air conditioner for only $8 rather than spending hundreds on a portable A/C or even thousands on having your current air conditioner repaired, did you?

The process is simple. The only supplies you’ll need to pick up at the store is any Styrofoam cooler and a couple of dryer vents. The Styrofoam cooler will run you about $4 and the dryer vents will cost about $2 each. All the other items required (a fan, a kitchen knife, and some empty bottles) can be found lying around your house.

The construction itself is pretty simple as well. The first step is to outline the dryer vents on the cooler’s lid leaving room to outline the fan in the middle for the fan. After you’ve traced the outlines, use the kitchen knife you found at home to cut out a hole where the tracings are. You’ll then place the vents and fan in the holes you just cut out for them. Now all the hard work is done.

Next, you will take some empty bottles that you have filled with water. Place those bottles in the freezer and let them turn to ice. Once the process is complete, remove the bottles and place them in the Styrofoam cooler. When the lid is returned to the top of the cooler, turn on the fan and you’ll have yourself a brand new air coordinator that you made for only $8! Here’s the full video: