About Staples Inc.

This is an American multinational that has over 1500 stores in North America itself.  They are an office supply retailing corporation that has its head quarters in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The firm primarily deals with office supplies.  With paper, printer stationery, pens, pencils and the entire range of office ware, this is a company that deals primarily with all kinds of stationery.   They also deal in laptops, office chair and tables, and even cleaning materials such as specialized detergents and swipes for office use.  Markers, envelops, trash bags, tissues and even the office snacks like peanuts and chips are all to be had here.  With seasonal sales that primarily focus on the Christmas and the New Year, the store aims at offering a wide range of office stationery items. They also offer facilities maintenance items batteries and chords, floor mats and carpets etc. Tissue papers, paper towels, trash bags etc. are also on offer by the store.