About REI

Recreational Equipment Inc, started in 1938, is generally seen as the recreational people.    With operations in over 140 locations, this is a true co-operative in its operation.

Outdoor tents, camping equipment, travel equipment, outdoor sports clothing, are some of the things on offer by REI.  They also sell hard wearing boots and shoes.  Cycling, canoeing, and running accessories and equipment are all available in this store.  There are styles and sizes to fit anyone from kids, to an adult.  Hand crafted items that include camp gear and assorted accessories are also available.  There is of course the stock clearance sale that does take place from time to time and the daily offers too.  There are equipment which you can use for snowboarding – like Snowboards, Goggles, Helmets, Packs and Bags, Bindings etc. Skiing accessories like Boots, Poles, Helmets etc. are also available at REI. Cross-Country clothing for men and women are also available. There is also a section for Gifts on their website.