About Reebok

Founded in 1958 by Jeff and Joe Foster, Rebook has since 2005 been operating as a subsidiary of Adidas. A multinational that has registered a presence in most countries, it primarily deals in sports wear encompassing footwear and clothing.

Be it running shoes, cross trainers, football boots, tennis shoes, and whatever type and mode of sport wear is stocked here.  There is an online store that does stock up on the essential and more.  From sports socks, wrist bands, head bands, and what have you.  Accessorize with the watches, head gear and any that would suit the need.  From the casual look to the more sporty looks it can be done here at Reebok.  There is the men’s and the separate women’s range that stands out for their durability. Then comes the clearance sales that bring more of the merchandise within affordable reach of many customers.