About PUMA

PUMA SE the parent company that owns the PUMA brand was incorporated in Germany and was started in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler.  The initial start of the company was in partnership with his brother Adolf in the year 1922 as Gebruder Dassler Shuhfabrik.  When differences between the two brothers made it difficult for the efficient functioning of the firm, they decided to part ways and thus the partition in 1948.   PUMA has been a public limited company since 1986 and has been listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since then.  The company does employ a workforce of around 10,000 people and has sales operations in close to 120 countries.

PUMA primarily deals with sports goods and recreational wear.  From soccer boots to jerseys, there is little in the sporting arena that does not have the PUMA label on it.  The company does even supply items for important fixtures like the football world cup and most other premier sporting events around the world as official sponsors.