About PatPat

patpatPat Pat works directly with product manufacturers, and thus offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. They are a team of designers, engineers, artists and visionaries who have combined the best of social network and the big data technology to start InterFocus INC. Pat Pat works directly with manufacturers, thus eliminating middlemen like dealers, wholesalers; and are able to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry in the process.

They primarily deal with products for babies and toddlers and some clothing and accessories for women. Their online store has a Home and Storage section which includes Storage and organizers, Wall décor, Bed and Bath, stationery etc. There is also a Clearance section on their online portal, which features products that are on stock clearance sales from time to time. Their Women’s section has Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Bags, Watches & Sunglasses, Beauty and Health care products.