About Olive Garden

Olive Garden is an enchanting place boasting of a unique hospitality experience that will make your visit a truly memorable one. Since its inception in 1982 when the first Olive Garden was opened in Orlando there was just no looking back. It has been one of the fastest growing chain of restaurants which over the years has generated billions as far as sales are concerned. Due to its growing popularity a brand new logo along with restaurant design was launched in 2014 that included ordering online and also smaller meal portions if so desired. At present there are innumerable Olive Garden restaurants operating round the globe satisfying the taste buds of countless customers.

The slogan “Good Times, Great Salad, Olive Garden” held true in the beginning as the focus was on unlimited salads where later soups and bread sticks were added. Just a few years ago the menu shifted to unlimited varieties of pasta with such promotions that the customers found irresistible. You can relish delectable vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes from starters, salads, steaks Mediterranean, American and Italian cuisine to mouthwatering desserts. The company claims that all its dishes from soups to the main dishes are daily made fresh in each restaurant instead of getting them readymade from some agency or vendor. We’re all family here is the new tagline of Olive Garden that appeals to all enjoying fresh delicious meals at any time. Olive Garden offers discounts and promotion coupon code to its valued customers to save money on their order on a regular basis.