About Office Depot

Office depot incorporated in October 1986 in America and is a seller of office products. The retail company combined with OfficeMax in a joint venture in 2013. The company has expanded to many countries through mergers and acquisition of startups. The company has 66,000 associates and business in 59 countries.

Office depot is a facilitator of all office necessities from printable material, furniture, connections etc. For large scale companies, office depot offers one point contact, and assists in changing suppliers through international implementation. For small scale industries or personal offices, the company provides telephone connectivity, furniture, and also provides international products. Likewise, international organizations, MNCs and other companies canuse their respective offers. All requirements of technology such as computers, printers, electronic media and communication are well catered by this firm. Stationery like written documents, letterpress printing, hanging file folders, index cards, envelops, roller pen highlighters and embossing are offered by the company.