About Jack in the box

Jack in the box incorporated in February 1951. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. They have their cafes in 21 states in US alone and have a global recognition for their service.

The menu of Jack in the box specializes in fast food and has a wide variety. The breakfast platter includes pancakes both large and mini sized, waffles, syrups, coffee. Hash browns, grilled sandwiches with bacon, eggs, sausages, cheese biscuits burrito and croissants. There are toast, salads, muffins and burgers are a part of the brunch offer. A full dinner for two with nachos, tacos, fried meat and burgers are available. The dessert and shakes are rich with cakes, churros, ice cream shakes of chocolate vanilla flavor. A special section includes variety of chicken that includes chicken strips and sandwiches, nuggets, fajita pita, barbecued and roasted. The drinks are ice teas and mocktails that have cherry, lime and raspberry flavors.