About Hungry Howie's

hungryHungry Howie’s was born in 1973 when it’s founder and owner Jim Hearn transformed a 1,000 sq.ft. hamburger shop into a carry-out and delivery pizzeria. Hungry Howie’s has never looked back since then. What started in Michigan, expanded to 65 franchises in just a span of three years; and opened its 300-th location in 1995. They opened their 500-th store in 2005. It currently operates 550 stores across 21 states in the United States.

Hungry Howie’s has been known for their extremely high-quality Flavored Crust pizzas, salads and calzone-style subs. Their specialty Flavored Crust Pizzas come in some out-of-the-world flavors such as Asiago cheese, Butter, Sesame, Cajun and butter Parmesan to name a few. The Deluxe Italian Calzone comes with Ham, Salami and Melted cheese and is a treat to your senses. They also have Steak, cheese and mushroom calzones, Turkey Club calzones and Veggie Calzone. They also have Howie breads and rolls and mildly seasoned Howie wings.