About Honey Baked Ham

honey-baked-hamThe first Honeybaked ham store was opened in Detroit, Michigan in the year 1957 by Harry J. Hoenselaar. Today Honeybaked Ham is considered one of the best tasting hams in the world. They use the finest quality bone-in smoked ham, which Harry cures and cooks in a special way. The hams have a sweet and crunchy glaze to them which have made them the ham of choice at Easter celebrations, dinners and family meals and gatherings. The store has now expanded its menu to include homemade side dishes, classic roasted turkeys, and some delectable desserts.

They offer different versions of their signature Honeybaked hams like Boneless Ham Diner, Ham and Turkey combos, Quarter Hams, Half Hams and Boneless Ham. They offer Whole Turkeys and Turkey breasts, Turkey and hen Diners, Beef steaks etc. They have a Starters and Sides section, which offers different side dish combinations and condiments. They also have different combinations of the menu for different occasions, which you will find in their Occasions section. In Desserts, they have cookies, brownies, Chocolates and nuts, cakes and pies.