About Hobby Lobby

This is a privately held American retail chain that deals with crafts and skills meant for hobbies.  The store manages more than 600 stores across the country.

With paper crafts, gift cards, specialized jars and containers, photo frames, mirrors and other items like Canvas, Art supplies, Yarn and needle work items – Hobby Lobby’s products are spread across multiple categories.  Decorative accessories like figurines, statues and posters are what sell during certain seasons.  Organized into departments according to the merchandise handled, their categories include Home Décor and Frames, Crafts and Hobbies, Fabric and Sewing, Scrapbook and Paper Crafts, Party and Baking, Beads and Jewelry, Wearable Arts and Gift Cards. Most items are available in more than a single finish to add variety to the outing.  In the rare event that an item is not to be had off the shelf, it could still be ordered for.