About Harry and David

Bear Creek Orchards was founded in 1910 by Samuel Rosenberg to cater to the requirements of fresh fruits.  It has since taken on a new name in Harry and David and an enhanced set of activities that covers gifts in addition to the standard fresh fruits business.

The company deals with a wide range of gift baskets – which can be for all occasions, seasonal and specialty. They also offer gift totes and towers for all occasions. There is a section where you can choose to send the gift with a bottle of wine. The most seasonal oranges, apples, apricots are all there during seasons to help build a good product range that sells.  There are also the standard gift boxes meant for Christmas and more popular festivals that are sure to show the feeling for each other.  Apart from these, there are chocolates and sweets and bakery items – including cheesecakes, cupcakes, pies, fruitcake etc. In the gourmet food and wine section, you will find condiments, beverages, preserves, syrups and butters etc. There is also a flower and Plants section.