dawgsDawgs is a fast-growing manufacturer and distributor of high-quality footwear for men, women, and children. Designing, manufacturing, and delivery of footwear remain their specialty. They are located in Las Vegas and they have grown into this huge footwear brand by following just one philosophy – understanding what people need in terms of their shoes, and bringing it to them.

Their shoes are categorized under different comfort factors like EXTRA PADDED Orthotic FOOT BEDS, to multiple ventilation ports. Their footwear is light-weight, highly durable and anti-bacterial as well. You will find all kinds of footwear, here at Dawgs. Be it party wear or casual and flip-flops, there are shoes for every occasion. They have several collections, such as comfort collection, Fun Collection, Steven Craig Collection – to name a few. They also sell apparel like skirts and tops, leggings, tunics and dresses for women and t-shirts, Golf shirts etc. for men.