About Chuck e Cheese

Chuck e Cheese is a chain of over 500 American restaurants and family entertainment centers. It was the first established in 1977 in San Jose, California and was known to be the best family restaurant to integrate entertainment with food. It had a unique combination of pizzas and other food items with a games arcade, amusement rides and animation displays being the focus of entertainment for the whole family. The restaurant got its name from Chuck e Cheese, a comic animated character singing and interacting with the guests. The last few years saw a change in mascot of Chuck e Cheese who now has the looks of a rock star.

Although the focus of the menu is still on pizzas but Chuck e Cheese has extended its menu to include chicken wings, cold-cut sandwiches, wraps served with fresh fruits and carrot slims, exotic and fresh salads and appetizing deserts. New gluten-free items are also included in the menu in recent times like chocolate or vanilla sheet cakes and cotton candy. You can even personalize the size of the cheese pizza. The main attraction is still the games arcade that includes both video games and redemption games. Another attraction is the animatronics shows in various styles depending on the location of the restaurant. Find the best deal at Chuck e Cheese with the help of the printable coupons or promo codes and spend an entertaining weekend with your children.