About Chili's Grill & Bar

The restaurant started in 1975,and was originally a post office converted into a small eatery called Chili’s. Today it can be found in 32 countries serving a variety of exotic and exuberant dishes.

The Chili‚Äôs menu explores all forms of dishes with exotic and authentic blend. The appetizers include buffalo fried cauliflower, honey chipotle crisper waffles, varieties of loaded boneless wings. A wide range of salads with shrimps, chickens, flatbread and soups are offered. The sandwiches and burgers are rich in meat with bacon, turkey, chicken, buffalo etc. Desserts like cheesecake, molten chocolate cake, triple berry crumble cake are very popular here. A full-fledged dinner is on offer here that includes tacos, quesadillas, ribs, steaks and other appetizers. Beverages like soft drinks, coffee, tea, house made drinks are also available. The kids section has classic Macaroni and cheese, pizzas, chicken pasta etc. Party platter with special dipper’s, mouth bite burgers, chips and salsa and many such things are also available.