About Calvin Klein

Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein is a global trend maker with its various products of clothing and lifestyle. With stores in over 100 countries and 10,000 associates of brands, the company has a large market for itself. The company also sells home decor.

The store holds plenty of brands across a variety of collections. The women’s section is filled with brands like Jeans, Performance, Platinum, Main Label – which includes items of sportswear, office wear, casual, dresses etc. that are timeless, classic and trendy. The men’s section explores similar range of sportswear, casuals, formals, party outfits and many more. Watches and other accessories are also available here of different brands. Perfumes and fragrances exclusively by Calvin Klein are a unique collection for both men and women. The underwear section has a wide variety of lingerie. The homes brand has the interior decor collection.