About ALDO

Started in 1972 by Aldo Bensadoun, this was meant to be a shop that catered to people’s feet.  From their initial roots in Montreal, Canada, this is a chain of stores that has truly traveled the length and breadth of America.  Over the years this department store that deals in just footwear has spread to most major localities of the land.  A number of acquisitions and mergers did take place to strengthen and also for greater access to markets.  This also helped the firm provide a wider choice to customer as well.  Today, ALDO stores can be seen right across the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia.

There are a range of shoes that ALDO offers to the most demanding of feet.  From specialized applications like loggers boots to the usual office wear, there is bound to be the right choice to most people.  No matter where the shoes are bought, the ALDO assurance applies to any product on offer, setting to rest most customers’ minds.