5 Effective Ways to Save Money On Electric Bill

invest to energy concept

invest to energy concept

Electricity takes a great portion in the bills at the end of the month. With the prices rising every time in electricity cost, the only way to cut on the bills is to cut on the electricity consumption. You can save close to $2000 yearly if you do some of these simple things to reduce on electricity consumption. To start with, what kind of bulbs are you using? Incandescent bulbs consumes three times more of the electricity compared to the compact fluorescent light bulbs. The incandescent bulbs needs replacement almost five time more that the CFLs. Replacing all the bulbs in the house with the Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs will help you save close to $80 in a year.

Most of the time, the appliances we use in our house consume unnecessarily more electricity. Replacing some of these appliances with new ones will help cut down on the bills. Products with energy star label are proven to be power saving. Buy products with these labels and start saving today. The pressure cookers and the heating kettle used in the kitchen should be of the right size. Try to use kettles, pots and cookers of smaller sizes as they consume less electricity. At times, it might be unnecessary to use a kettle or heaters to heat water. It is recommended to use gas and other sources of energy to heat and cook.

The fridge and the freezer can escalate your bills in terms of electricity. Ensure these cooling appliances are always full for effective functioning. This lowers the energy needed to operate them. You can fill the refrigerator with water cans or even polythene papers. Ensure they are at least 5cm away from the wall, and away from sun. Increasing the inner temperature in the appliances also keeps them from using much power. Clean and dust the refrigerator coils twice every year. Most of the time, they are covered with dust that make them consume a lot of power. The air conditioner should be away from the sun. All these appliances should be kept in an open area with free air circulation.

Always switch all power when not in use. Switch off the bulb when light is not needed. Devices like the computers, DVDs, radios and TVs should be plugged out from power source or their switches turned off, when not in use. Electronics consume significant power when left on power, even when not in use. Set the laptops and desktops in the house in sleep or hibernate mode. This ensures they do not consume power when you are not using them. This will enable you save close to $20 in a year. Installing motor sensors on the switches is also a good step. These motors senses movements and switch off the power by itself. The sensors could be set to turn the switch off after a period of time. This will save power, as the lights will be switched off, even if you fall asleep on the couch and forget to switch them off.

It will not hurt to dry your clothes outside in the wind, but it will definitely save on your electricity bills. Avoid using the clothes dryer and try hanging the clothes outside in the wind. If not possible, ensure the drier is compact full, and on iron- dry mode. The clothes dryer should be in a place with open circulation. The clothes should not be too compact to prevent air circulation. Use alternative methods to aerate the room. Properly ventilate your room, instead of using the air conditioner. Using the fan can also be another alternative if the windows and the doors are not sufficient.